Hooked Cam with slotted lock bracket for Arc Flash/kA withstand to ASNZS 61439 - 1200mm H, RHS Door

SKU: Cam_Bracket-kA_Arc_Flash-1200-R
Hooked Cam with slotted lock bracket for Arc Flash / kA withstand for ASNZS 61439 to fit 1200mm high enclosure - Left hand Hinged 2 x Hooked cams to replace standard lock cam. 1 x Bracket, with a slot for the hooked cam to latch in. Made from 316 Stainless Steel The bracket bolts into the existing opposite hinge hole. Note: SRE enclosures do not have these hinge holes and it must be added. This does not include installation. See WS45 if installation is required
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