IK Rating is defined as the degree of protection provided by enclosures for electrical equipment against external mechanical impact. The IEC IK Standard, which uses a two-numeric code, has a specific meaning and indicates the level of protection from mechanical impact. The rating starts from 01 to 10, with a higher number indicating a more robust product that is able to maintain protection at higher impact. This is an important rating when enclosures are subjected to vandalism or other mechanical damage.

AE Stainless Direct enclosures were tested by applying the required amount of energy (joules) to the enclosure. All AE Stainless Direct enclosures are rated to: IK10

The energy required for IK10 is 20 Joules. To simulate this energy, a set weight is dropped from a set height onto the enclosures. Strikes without bouncing are performed three times on the same spot. This test is performed at several locations on each test enclosure, looking for weaknesses, to ensure IK rating is valid for the whole enclosure. On an enclosure, the weakest point is the least “supported” point – typically the centre of the door or the centre of the rear of the enclosure.The test requirements for IK10 are:

    • 5kg weight
    • 400mm drop height

IP ratings are defined by IEC Standard IEC 62262:2002

All AE Stainless enclosures are fully tested. IK rating certificates are available for all enclosures from AE Stainless Direct.
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